Vocal, Acting, Drama and Theater Training


Are you interested in performing in front of others and taking on new roles and personas to tell stories? Young Artists of America offers drama and acting classes for middle school and high school students in the Maryland and the Washington DC area with leading, professional artists and provides them with unique training programs and opportunities.

Perhaps you are a singer who wants to wow audiences with your vocal range and talents. We offer many voice and vocal classes in the Maryland and DC area that will help you master your pitch and bring out the singing power within you. We even provide a music theory course that will teach you basics of music composition and how to add flare to previously composed pieces.

Our theatre classes for middle school and high school students will teach you how to command a presence on stage with a dramatic quality that will captivate audiences and have them on their toes through your entire performance -- and on their feet at the end.

At YAA, we strive for excellence and want to give you the opportunity to do the same. We hold our students to a high standard of achievement and guarantee that you will excel in your studies. With a variety of classes that cater to performing arts, you are sure to find your niche with us. Our mentors will provide a training experience like no other, giving you a chance to perform in front of live audiences.

We also have junior level courses for kids in grades 5-8. We want to offer everyone the opportunity to start learning and training as early as possible. Whether your focus is in theatre, voice, or symphony, you will flourish under our professional guidance.

The Young Artists of America at Strathmore is a place to achieve the highest levels of performance skill in voice and theatre, and we want you to be a part of everything we have to offer.