Young Artists of America's very own Ethan Miller will be performing in Arena Stage's Watch On the Rhine from February 3rd to March 5th. This professional production is part of The Lillian Hellman Festival and starts Golden Globe Winner, Marsha Mason. Ethan sat down with us in between rehearsal time to talk about working in the professional theater world and his hopes for the future.

Tell us a bit more about the Arena production and your role.

The play that I am performing in at Arena Stage is called, The Watch on the Rhine by Lillian Hellman. It takes place during WWII and is about a family who’s father is a working anti-fascist, trying to dismantle the Nazi party. I am Joshua, who is the eldest son of the family. I have two younger siblings. I am very intelligent, and interested in my father's work. I speak many languages due to the fact that we have lived in so many countries, and I am very mature.

What are some things you have learned while being part of this Arena production?

I have learned to trust my own instincts while rehearsing. Because my character Joshua and I are are the same age, I have a much easier time creating a connection and relating to him as a person. I have learned to trust my own teenage instincts when it comes to my actions on stage.

How has YAA better prepared you for your professional work?

YAA expects their students to be prepared for rehearsal and work hard.  The rehearsals, working with  professional mentors, and the expectation to give our all at each rehearsal and performance adds up to the proper preparation of a professional actor.

How are you feeling heading into opening night on February 3rd?

I am incredibly excited, but also very nervous. I am working with people who have been on Broadway and in movies and I don’t want to let them down. However, I also know that as long as I focus and practice I’m going to have an incredible experience.

What are your hopes for your future career?

It’s very important to me to earn a college degree and my goal is to pursue a degree in acting or musical theatre. My future is wide open.

Four-time Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner Marsha Mason (The Goodbye Girl) leads an ensemble cast as Fanny Farrelly in Lillian Hellman's suspenseful masterpiece Watch on the Rhine. With America on the brink of entering World War II, Fanny's daughter escapes to the D.C. suburbs with her German husband, a man deeply involved in anti-fascist movements. But with an Eastern European guest with ulterior motives also living in their midst, tensions rise as it becomes clear that no one's safety can be guaranteed — at home or abroad.

If you'd like to see Ethan and Watch On the Rhine, call the Arena Stage Box Office at 202-488-3300. Mention that you know Ethan Miller and receive a 20% discount.