YAA Parent and Student

We thought we'd switch up the Alumni Check-In feature a bit, and focus on the parents of our alumni. We asked them to recount their memories of YAA so our supporters can see the impact their donation can make on the lives of those we touch. We sat down with Tami Abramowitz, mother of Hayley to chat YAA:

1.) What has the impact of music been on you or your child?  

Music has been a defining force in my daughter's life. She started singing when she was a toddler and, thankfully, hasn't stopped. She is now studying classical voice on scholarship at the University of Maryland's school of music, and in the process of applying to graduate schools to continue her study.

2.) What opportunities has YAA given you that you wouldn't have received otherwise?

When she was only 14, she was cast as Christine in YAA's first staged concert performance. She sang in front of a full house of over a thousand - and loved i!

3.) What is your fondest memory of YAA?

It was the first note out of Hayley's mouth, on the opening night of Phantom. I cried. I was so proud of her, and so happy Rolando trusted her to play/sing this important part. I'm crying now thinking of how grateful I remain that she had that opportunity, with such talented teachers, cast and musicians.  

4.) Why do you encourage people to support YAA?

YAA is a whole other level of quality when it comes to music education and opportunity for young artists. They don't choose their leads or musicians based on how much money their parents donated. It's all about commitment, talent, and ability.  Rolando and Kris set the example of professionalism, and the students rise to their expectations. 

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