We sat down with Susan Herzog Memorial Award Winner and YAA Instrumentalist, Joelle Walker, to ask all the things "We Have to Ask." She was presented the award on the stage of The Circle of Life: The Songs of Tim Rice, our spring performance.

Joelle Walker

Congrats on your win. Were you expecting it?

Thank you, I was not expecting it at all. I was actually speechless. 

Do you know what you will be doing next year? Tell us a bit more about your plans and how you expect to use the scholarship.

I'm going to the University of Pennsylvania next year so I'm definitely going to use the scholarship towards my education. I'm also going to play in the Penn Symphony while I'm there.

Tell us about your experiences with YAA. 

I've been in YAA since 9th grade, so its been really cool to watch it change and grow over the past four years. I always enjoy the repertoire and leave every concert humming my favorite tunes. 

What has been your memory from your experiences at YAA?

I just love how everyone comes together bringing their passion for music to create an amazing show. And I'm grateful to have been apart of this organization for the past four years.