From now until the end of the year, we’re highlighting our fundraising campaign, I DREAMED A DREAM, by spotlighting some of our students who say their dreams are coming true thanks to YAA. If you want to help our students realize their dreams, consider a donation today. Every dollar will be matched thanks to our angel donors.

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Meet Ian Coursey. He’s a junior at Lady of Good Counsel High School and has been participating in YAA programs for the past two years. He’s performed in The Sound of Music, played Tateh in Ragtime last spring, and Leo Frank in Parade over the summer. He will play Jean Valjean in YAACompany’s spring production of Les Misérables.

Tell us more about playing Jean Valjean.

I am thrilled! This is a dream role for me and I can’t wait to bring my performance to Strathmore’s stage! 

How did you prepare for the part?

I recently preformed Les Mis with a different company earlier this year so the material is not new to me, but I am working with YAA’s awesome faculty, including amazing stage director Kristina Friedgen to polish my performance! 

Do you have a scene you're most looking forward to performing? What and why?

I am extremely excited to preform “Bring Him Home” because it is such an incredible song and the orchestra is going to sound beautiful. It is also a very emotional song and every time I sing it I can’t help but get choked up. 

Do you think that YAA is helping you accomplish your dreams?

YAA is absolutely helping me accomplish my dreams! The staff is incredible and they put all of their energy and time into their productions. I feel I have grown as an artist and that’s all thanks to the staff and company of YAA. I owe a special thanks to voice teacher and artistic director Rolando Sanz for truly changing my life! 

Anything else you want to add about the production, YAA programming, etc.?

This production is going to be amazing! Every single person in the company and the orchestra are insanely talented and I’m waiting for the moment when we all come together and create something magical. There is no program like YAA and every performer should have the chance to be a part of such an amazing group of people and artists! 

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