On August 19th, Young Artists of America had the honor of performing the National Anthem at Nationals Park before a game thanks to The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington. The Federation invited YAA to take part in their annual Grand Slam Sunday for the second year in a row and we were all too pleased to accept! We had a chance to sit down with Terry Eberhardt, YAA’s Assistant Artistic Director, who lead the group on the field, to talk about what this amazing opportunity was like.

Check out the official video from The Nationals:

Was this your first time on a baseball field?

I have done a few of these with choirs throughout the years, but this was my first time on the Nats field and it was awesome!

How did you prepare for the performance?

I went back through my files to find this cool arrangement of the Anthem. It’s one I knew YAA would sing it well and enjoy!

How did you help the students prepare?

We sent out rehearsal tracks, and then we had one rehearsal the Friday before. 

What did you say to everyone in the locker room before they stepped out?

I told them watch, and make sure that the delay didn't throw them off. There is about a 3 second reverb on the field. Then of course I told them to smile and sing pretty!

What are some things you didn't expect about performing in a stadium?

The delay was trickier than I remember. It is very exhilarating to be on such a stage. I feel very honored that we were able to represent YAA and sing our country’s anthem. I feel very honored every time I'm asked to do it. I was very proud of the students as well. They had a great time and I'm thankful to them for being professional and working so hard to sound so great!

Photos courtesy of The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington.