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It’s graduation time again. A bittersweet time when we have to say goodbye to our seniors but know they will go on to do great things! For this week’s blog we sat down with Peerce Carr, a graduating senior from Glenelg County School, to hear what’s on his mind for next year and beyond. Check it out…

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What's your plan for next year?: I’ll be majoring in in Film/Television with a minor in writing or music at Drexel University. I plan to continue to write, sing, rap, act, direct, and create throughout the process. I’m going to continue working on a film I’ve been making and continue making as many connections and have as many great experiences as possible.

What's your favorite YAA memory?: There’s so many, it’s between the last note for In the Heights and freestyling with friends each year.

What is something you learned from YAA that you will take with you?: Work hard, stay focused, humble, and go for it. Put your all into everything you love.