As part of YAA's Alumni Check-In Series, we ask Cassie Mandalou ('15) how she's doing in her Sophomore year at college.

Current School: Shepherd University

What have you been up to recently?: I'm in my second year of college. Still singing! I spent my summer working for a girl scout sleep away camp. It was very life changing. I learned a few things about myself and it will help me move forward in the next few years. I miss YAA and hope to come to the next performance.

Tell us about something you learned at YAA and applied to your life today.: I learned that I had alot more confidence then I thought I did. I learned to expand my vocal range and that really helped me get into college in the first place. If I want taught how to expand my rang the way it is now, I dont think I would have gotten into the music program I'm in. I thank Rolando and Reenie for that, you both were a big part of that. Thank you YAA!

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