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Senior News: Mikey Votaw


It’s graduation time again. A bittersweet time when we have to say goodbye to our seniors but know they will go on to do great things! For this week’s blog we sat down with Mikey Votaw, a graduating senior from Churchill High School, to hear what’s on his mind for next year and beyond. Check it out…

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What's your plan for next year?: Will be getting a BFA in Musical theater from Illinois Wesleyan University. I am 1 of 11 students selected to be in the program.

What's your favorite YAA memory?: Singing the last note “Home” from In the Heights was a surreal moment and was a great way to cap off a fantastic two weeks of camp.

What is something you learned from YAA that you will take with you?: I am my best self when I am doing something that I love. YAA taught me how to be my best self.