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Young Artists of America at Strathmore - Musical Theater, Dance, Vocal & Performing Arts Classes

The only program of its kind for performing arts students in the Greater Washington, DC area.

Middle school and high school students who are considering broadening their horizons and honing their skills through music, theatre, and dance classes will find that the YAA Performing Arts Class in the Maryland and Washington DC area helps them bring their skills together through focused ensemble work.  This program is offered to students ages 13 - 20 (middle school to freshmen in college).

Intensive performing arts training prepares the actor for a variety of roles on stage and in musical theatre. Musical theatre preparation requires that students learn how to merge their acting, dance, and voice talents, creating a unique nexus in defining a role. Talent alone does not make a student successful in musical theatre; the student must also learn confidence, determination and perseverance. Students who are enrolled concurrently in a high school choral program will find that this program enhances the work they are doing in their school classes, and that it gives them the authentic venue they need for further artistic expression.

The YAA Performance Arts Class series focuses on study as well as performance art, and are designed to provide students with authentic experiences to help them stretch and grow as performers while building a strong foundation in the arts. Students selected for the performing arts training program can take the following classes:

·      Drama class

·      Acting class

·      Voice class

·      Music Theory class

·      Theatre class

·      Vocal class

These classes provide students with a strong foundation needed for continued work in college and a possible career in musical theatre. In addition, students will have access to monologue coaching that will help them develop appropriate audition pieces that showcase their talents.

Our performing arts program in the Maryland and DC area brings musical drama alive through movement, voice and acting. Students learn the value of creating synergy when developing their performing arts skills, and they have multiple opportunities to collaborate with their peers as well as professionals.

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